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2001 Assignments

Mount KenyaPaul Pritchard and the journeyKayaking in Greenland

Early in the year BBC Wales commissioned two half hour films with Triple Echo Productions following Paul Pritchard on his return to the big mountains and his ascent of Mount Kenya.  Then over the Summer we followed the Scottish Team's performance in the Arctic team Challenge international adventure race for BBC Scotland.

Paul Pritchard portraitThe Longest Journey   BBC Wales   

'Mountain Adventure Award' at the Kendal Film Festival

Paul returns to the big mountains with his partner Jane Boucher to attempt Point Lenana - 4985m  three years after his accident on the Totem Pole, Tasmania that left him partially paralysed (see Recent Assignments - Wild Climbs).  En route he jokes about the hole left in his head acting as a natural vent for the pressures caused by altitude sickness. Shooting two half hour documentaries with Triple Echo Productions for BBC Wales we captured Paul's journey of rediscovery.  Often highly emotional, often hilarious, each difficult step engaged Paul in a psychological tug-of-war, with self-doubt battling against a will to succeed.

Sunrise on Mount KenyaSnow on Mount Kenya

Above - the dry season hadn't been as dry as normal before we arrived.  Flooding in Nairobi had swept people away to their deaths.  While we were on the mountain one storm that raced across Mount Kenya put down 6 inches of snow in a couple of hours.

Greenland fjordArctic Challenge   BBC Scotland.

This series followed the selection, backgrounds and performance of the Scottish team and their rivals in a five day adventure race across the mountains, glaciers and down the fjords of east Greenland.  The competitors ran, mountain-biked and kayaked their way over the course.

Austrian team out in frontGreenland photographer

Above - out in front the Austrian team approach what was to be a vital section of the race.  They were later penalised for missing a check-point at the end of the glacier run.  The Scots went back for it and moved neck and neck with the leaders.