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2002 Assignments

The Jungrau location for the fallEverestSuila Grand - location for Touching the Void

2002 has been another exciting and demanding year with assignments in Peru, the Swiss Alps and the Himalayas shooting on a variety of formats from Digibeta and DVCAM to film.

Cubby Cuthbertson looks back up at the ice-cliff following his fall.Paul Moores takes a lens box over the 'Traverse of the Gods' accessing a camera position to shoot an 80ft fall with Cubby Cuthbertson doubling for Joe as  Simon was forced to cut the rope. Touching The Void - Channel 4 Films

Following Joe Simpson's award winning and best-selling book 'Touching The Void' we shot 16 & 35mm film for the reconstruction scenes and DVCAM for the documentary elements.  Joe returned to Siula Grand for the first time since his accident and epic survival in 1985.  The month long shoot in the Huayhuash was followed by a couple of weeks in Switzerland where the more technical sequences were shot around the Jungfrau.

High camp

Summit shot of Suila GrandPictured above ;  In Peru - the beginnings of our high camp dubbed 'Ice station Zebra' from where we would shoot Joe crawling across the glacier following his escape from the crevasse and climbing material on classic South American bottomless 'sugar' snow.

Below ;  Ready to shoot 'high-speed' I look up at the ice-cliff near the Jungfrau from where Cubby would drop 80ft across the lens.  The following day I returned to the top of the ice-cliff to shoot the POV material with the camera seeing the skyline recede at a free-fall rate of knots.

'The one that got away'.  Joe and the livin' is easy at base-camp in Peru.........Ready to film the fall

NupsteThe Race For Everest   BBC2.

This film charts early attempts and the first successful ascent of Everest in 1953.  We started our journey in Darjeeling with an opportunity to speak to some of the sherpas from the Hunt expedition and relatives of Tenzing before heading on to Base-Camp.  'The Race For Everest' was transmitted in late May 2003 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Hillary and Tenzing's ascent.

Kathmandu based trekking and expedition agency Mountain Experience provided all the logistical support.  See the Contacts and Links page.

All climbing expeditions had packed up and gone home leaving Base Camp curiously deserted.