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2010 - Assignments

More news to come ..........

The Human Planet - BBC1

Time flies and this year is no exception.  The BBC series - 'Human Planet' is now moving to the final stages of post-production.  This 'four years in the making' series has taken me to an active volcano in Indonesia, the forests of Papua New Guinea and Arctic Greenland in winter.  Last year I filmed in Western Mongolia (twice) and Northern Spain.  Every story we've covered is utterly incredible, jaw-dropping and dramatic.  For a taste of what's to come and an on-line trailer check out the developing Human Planet website ;

Just some of the characters we've been spending time with - Silau with his eagle, Nils in Greenland this winter and Marcus in the forests of Papua New Guinea.

HD Varicam for BBC1

Human - Peru And Adapting To Altitude - BBC2

The way humans have adapted physiologically over centuries throws up some interesting things with the Highlanders of Peru.
With the Quollyriti Festival, high in the Andes, as a back-drop we examine the way their bodies perform at 'altitude' compared to normal westerners.

HD Varicam equipped with primes for BBC2.

Scottish Landscapes - Forests - BBC2

In the ancient Caledonian pine forests in Glenn Affric Professor Iain Stewart examines the changing face of the Scottish landscape.  For this production I brought in, rigged and operated a fully radio controlled cable doly system to provide tracking shots through the trees. The rig was loaded with a Sony 900 HDCAM. 

Inside Out - BBC2

We all know it's been an incredibly snowy winter.  Finally, after waiting for 3 years, we managed to film a piece about the Lake District Ski Club.  Before we'd either not had the conditions or the people available but this January we hit the slopes of Raise near Helvellyn.  The first day was sheer perfection with sunshine and great snow.  It felt like the French Alps.   The next was less good with high winds causing blizzard conditions that eventually blew the cable off the ski-tow.  After an hour and a half ski up (or flounder in the deep drifts if you tried walking) it was not the best news but then the enthusiasts didn't mind.  Here you really have to earn your turns.

As the storm cleared presenter Rhona MacLeod and myslef skied almost all the way down to the car park.  Shot on HDV.

Countryfile - BBC1

Skiing wasn't the only winter sport seeing a renaissance in the Lake District.  The ice-climbing conditions were also very good although cold calm weather interspersed with big dumps of snow had led to some unusual avalanche conditions.  The BBC's Countryfile team and presenter Katie wanted to explore these ideas.  With the help of Lakeland climber Steve Ashworth leading Katie and myself climbing with Alistair Rickman from the BBC Rope team we ended up on  the superb Central Gully (grade III) on Great End.

Central Gully exhibited two ice pitches.  The first was relatively short lived but the final on was steep and long.  The easier ice forced you into a tight corner but with great first time placements confidence could be high.  Shot on HD with the HDX900.

Eyefish TV

Keith has contributed to the new and very informative production base website  Check out the article on mountain safety and filming techniques and anecdotes from working in locations like the Eiger North Face and for Touching The Void  (see Keith hanging out on the Hinterstoisser Traverse) - click on the logo below.