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2014 - Assignments & NEWs

Horizon - Aftershock BBC2

Our first attempt at reaching Antarctica was aborted. We'd flown for 9 hours just to end up back in Christchurch, New Zealand. Eventually we made it as far as McMurdo before flying on to the South Pole.  The first day of filming saw temperatures down to minus 54 with the windchill but the search for the aftershock of the Big Bang went on - a rippling effect that emanated a trillionth of a trilionth of a trillionth of a second after the creation of the universe.  Ground-breaking science and a dream come true to see Antarctica and the South Pole.

Landrover Commercial - Cinema, TV and Web - Director

With a small but highly experienced team including wingman of old, Cubby, assembled at the Screaming Geo cliffs on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis we set about shooting Dave MacLeod taking a huge whipper of a fall with the sub-text being - 'Try and try again. Eventually you will succeed'.

Blue Peter - Radzi's Challenge BBC Childrens

Blue Peter, the BBC's flagship children's show loves to set their presenters a challenge. Having trained for a matter of weeks not years Radzi got the surprise of his life as we crested a ridge in the cable car to reveal the world's biggest man made climbing wall.

In a sea of concrete we recced, rigged and climbed the Diga Di Luzzone and its 650 bolt on holds. Five pitches of 35m saw us over the handrail at the top of the hydro-electric dam. It was first order gut-wrenching exposure and overhanging for the top half.  It was like climbing the inside of a gold-fish bowl.

The Adventure Show - Triple Echo Productions for BBC Scotland

The highly successful and popular series returned for its 10th season. I was on the team for the World Mountain Bike Championships ant Fort William, The Highland Cross, the Celtman Triathlon of ironman proprtions and ahugely entertaining audax bike event that covered 1300km in 5 days all round Scotland. Oh and a superb climbing trip to Shetland.

The One Show - Old May of Hoy with Sir Chris Bonington.  BBC1

With Sir Chris Bonington back to attempt the Old Man of Hoy at the age of 80 it only goes to prove that anything is possible. Having made the first ascent of this iconic sea-stack and then the subsequent first outside broadcast of the 'Old Man' this remakable man still has what it takes.

Sitting on a granite plinth this tottering pile of Orkney sandstone, smeared with guano, will never be a given. It is on most climbers' bucket list of 'must-do' objectives.  Sir Chris suggested he rather creaked up but on camera he climbed with brilliant fluidity.

Approaching the crux section of the hanging crack and the 'Coffin' Sir Chris foillows in Leo Houlding's wake with Andy Torbet - a great adventurer in his own right making up the third member of this historic team.

The Lyceum Theatre - Another Day At The Office Presentation

Over 600 made up the audience to share many of the stories behind the stories of over 20 years of adventure filmmaking.  Sitting in the front row of the circle was Robert Davidson from the Sandstone press who phoned the following day to offer Keith a book deal.  The 'Adventure Game- A Cameraman's Tales From Films At The Edge' is being published in June 2015

Coast - The mystery of Sawney Bean.  BBC1

Did Sawney Bean exist ?  A tale of cave-dwelling, capture, cruelty and canibalism on the coast of Ayrshire.


The Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival's Adventure Filmmakers Workshop 2014

This world class festival stacked up to be as enthralling as ever with a full programme of films, lectures, events and workshops. Once again Keith teamed up with Micheal Brown to deliver this years workshop to a talented group of international adventure filmmakers.


Other stuff...

Alongside all the projects outlined above Keith also produced a series of six short films for the Cairngorm Outdoor Access Trust, filmed and became a director of BeFitApps - producing specialist ski, triathlon a, running and cycling fitness apps for the web and shot for the BBC Series Coast.