‘The Adventure Game’ is Keith’s first publication – a coffee-table style book featuring stories from filming exploits beautifully illustrated with 200 stunning photographs. (Published by – The Sandstone Press)

Keith Partridge is probably the world’s most experienced and famous practitioner of a rare trade. His filming has recorded expeditions all over the world in some of its most beautiful and hostile environments. The Adventure Game is the story of his life told through several expeditions ranging from the deep caves of Papua New Guinea to the summit of Mount Everest.
The Adventure Game features the stories behind the stories from over 20 years of adventures and iconic films together with Keith’s own journey from a rookie, over-ambitious mountaineer to having been involved in over 60 productions and expeditions to some of the wildest, most challenging places on the planet.


‘Exciting and inspirational. A superb cameraman and stills photographer Keith has travelled a long way from the dusty confines of BBC House. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say and Keith has ventured it all.’
-Joe Simpson, author of Touching the Void

Keith’s photography speaks for itself! His story is equally exciting though, with characters we all recognize from film and television. His activities are not restricted to any one field such as mountaineering but include caving, polar travel and, with film and television references which will be familiar to many people. All this he has expressed in a great story. The Adventure Game is a brilliant read as well as a beautiful object.

‘Whether you are filming sunrise on the summit of Everest, Gallician fishermen dancing with death in the Atlantic surf or historical reconstructions on the Matterhorn, Keith is your man.’
-Stephen Venables