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2013 has been busy - Richard Parks Project X - mountain biking race around the Annapurna Circuit in the Himalaya up to 5400m plus a double Ironman event, a cultural trans-Himalayan journey with the mountaineer Reinhold messner, the Old Man of Hoy blind man ascent, inserts for the BBC's Countryfile and the Oneshow plus the Matterhorn..... Full details soon.

‘Human Planet ’

A spectacular look at the most adaptive species of all - us.Natural History style film-making where the cameras are finally turned around.  Four years in the making it is spectacular with all the toys including cable dollies, jibs, minicams.   HD for BBC1.

‘How To Grow A Planet’

This series examines the impact of plants on evolution.  Segments were shot in Thailand, Cambodia, New Zealand and Vietnam including filming primates, ancient temples, flowers, anactive volcano and inside the world's biggest cave Han Son Doong.  HD for BBC1

‘Life In The Canopy’

In the rainforests of Gabon, W. Africa we go in search of Forest Elephant, Lowland Gorilla and the Red Capped Mangabey. Adventure shooting mixed with natural history and documentary filming of the issues facing this area of the Congo Basin.  HD for BBC1 - Indus Films.

‘The Great Climb ’

This 6 hour long live outside broadcast of world class climbing on Strone Ulladale, Isle of Harris.  BAFTA winner.

‘Lost Land Of The Volcano ’

Big river cave expedition to Mageni Cave in New Britain.  With rivers to wade through, waterfalls to climb and new passages filled with white water to contend with - all hundreds of feet underground to add a bit more spice.  HD and HDV for BBC1 Natural History Unit.

‘Beckoning Silence’

March 2007.  90 minute drama-doc featuring the 1936 Kurz tragedy on the North Face of the Eiger.  Locations around and on the Eiger North Face including the Hinterstoisser Traverse and the 1st Icefield.  EMMY award winner for Best International Documentary 2008.   HD Varicam for Darlow Smithson – Channel 4

‘Lost Land Of The Jaguar ’ – Climbing Tepuis in Venezuela

April 2007.  Actuality, natural history and climbing filming on the first ascent of Upuigma.  The route followed a 1000 feet of overhanging rock to a ‘lost world’ environment where we went in search of new species.  Winner of the RTS Award - Best Science & Natural History 2009 and BAFTA nominated.   HD Varicam and HDV for BBC1 Natural History Unit.

‘Earth – The Power Of The Planet’

February 2007.  Shoot in Alps to examine the impact of ice on the planet.  PTC’s, interviews and actuality in crevasses, Grade 6 ice-climbing, aerials, ski-touring, glaciers and blizzards.  HD Varicam for BBC Science.

‘Earth - Climate Wars

Examination of how we know what we know about climate change shot in West Greenland for BBC2.  DVCAM.

‘Touching The Void’

BAFTA award for Outstanding British Film.  This drama / documentary follows the epic survival of Joe Simpson after a climbing accident in Peru’s Huayhuash mountains.  Filmed on Siula Grande itself with stunt and reconstruction scenes also shot in the Alps.  Darlow Smithson Productions for C4 Films using S16mm.  (Climbing Photography)

 ‘Expedition Alaska’

August 2007.  Following Glaciologists and Naturalists on an examination of the impact of climate change on the eco-systems in Alaska.  From ice-field and glacier exploration, moulineering and journeys by sea kayak to film humpback whales.  Indus Films on HD for Discovery Channel

‘Venom Hunter’

November 2007.  Steve Backshall heads to the Brazilian rain forest in search of venomous creatures which culminates in his participation in the ‘bullet ant ritual’ of the Satere Mawe tribe.  Indus Productions on HD for Discovery Channel

‘Top Gear – Climber Versus Car’

Speed climbers battle against Jeremy Clarkson’s driving skills in a race to the top of the Verdon Gorge in the South of France.  Clarkson in a 155mph Audi lost out and on the double or quits bet for the return leg Leo Houlding keeps up the pressure as he base jumps to the bottom of the gorge 1100ft below.  Digibeta and HDV for BBC2

‘Blue Peter'

Summer Expedition 2008 to Alaska - moulin & glacier exploration, ice-climbing, wilderness and bush camping, bear watching, cultural pieces.  Also climbing the four highest peaks in N. Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland for Sport Relief.  DVCAM for BBC1

‘The Oneshow - Inserts

Shooting presenter led inserts for The Oneshow featuring ospreys at Loch Garten in the Cairngorms and the search for Scotland's albatross.  DVCAM for BBC1

‘Extreme Dreams – The Arctic and Kilimanjaro’

April 2006 - actuality shooting as a team of novices journey across the Arctic by ski, dog-sledge and snow-mobile.  June 2006 -five non-climbers attempt to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro.  Both shoots carried out in the spirit of personal development.  Ricochet on DVCAM for BBC2

‘Alive – Escape From Avalanche Alley’

Drama documentary of an epic survival story set in Alaska but shot in the Alps Winter 2006.  Climbing and mountain cameraman shooting ice-climbing, falls, abseils, skiing, camps & snowholes working alongside DoP with main unit and as a stand alone unit.  Darlow Smithson on Digibeta for C4 and Discovery

'Alien Versus Predator’

Director of Photography - Mountain Unit.  Shooting action climbing sequence on a 500 ft high icefall above the Argentiere Glacier, French Alps to establish the lead character.

20th Century Fox on S35mm

‘Journeys Of A Lifetime – The Arctic’

Ex England footballer Ian Wright and his close friend Novello embark on an epic journey across the glaciers of Greenland and an ascent of the highest peak in the Arctic.  Best Mountaineering Film 2006 KMFF.  Princess Productions for Sky 1.  (DVCAM  Photography and sound)


Documentary about the lives of 6 blind Tibetan children who were often demonised or abandoned to live rough on the streets.  We follow them back to meet their families and in their new found standing as part of a special-needs school in Lhasa followed by a journey to 21,000 feet on the north side of Everest.  HD Varicam

‘Extreme Lives – My Right Foot’

After a fall that almost ended his climbing career Leo Houlding teams up with Tim O’Neil to climb ‘Shining Path’, a 2000 ft high limestone wall in Mexico.  Climbing photography, interviews and background story reconstructions.  Ginger Productions for BBC1.

‘The Race For Everest’

Interviews in N. India and Nepal around the story of the first ascent of Everest plus landscapes and ‘colour’ in the Khumbu region up to Everest base camp.  Reconstructions and set pieces in the Alps.  50 min for BBC Documentaries. 

‘Wild Climbs’

Winner of eleven international film awards.  Documentary series of leading edge climbs with leading edge climbers featuring travelogue, expedition and actuality filming on worldwide locations.  6 x 30 min for BBC2  (Lighting cameraman)

‘Mountain Men’

Jury Special Award – Banff International Film Festival & Best Mountaineering Film – Trento International Film Festival.  Dramatic reconstructions on the history of climbing K2 and the Matterhorn.  Film expeditions climbing above K2 base-camp with fall sequences shot in the Alps.  Climbing actuality, reconstructions and set –pieces on an ascent of the Hornli Ridge on the Matterhorn.    2 x 50 min  BBC2.  (Cameraman)

‘The Longest Journey’

Mountain Adventure Award – Kendal Film Festival.  Paul Pritchard’s return to the mountains on an ascent of Mt Kenya after a climbing accident left him partially paralysed.  Actuality, background, stylised reconstructions & interviews.  2x30 min  BBC Wales.  (Cameraman)

‘Treks In a Wild World – The Matterhorn & Peru’

An ascent of the Hornli ridge on the Matterhorn plus an exploration of Via Ferrata routes in the Dolomites.  (Climbing cameraman & Sound)  In Peru - Shooting the rarely visited Qoyllur Rit’i festival where the ancient beliefs of 26,000 Quechuan pilgrims have blended with Christianity in this study of rural life in the high Andes.  National Geographic / Discovery.  (Lighting Cameraman)

‘Wilderness Walks series II’

Featuring adventure-treks in remote areas of the Atlas Mountains - Morocco, the Pyrennes, Eire, Scotland and USA.  6 part BBC2 series.  (Cameraman)

‘Inside Story - Mountain Rescue’

BBC1 actuality documentary featuring the Scottish rescue teams in action during the winter of 1995 in 119mph winds on Lochnagar and in the avalanche struck Cairngorm Mountains.  (Cameraman & Sound)

‘The Face’

Testing Sony's new DVCAM equipment.  Climbing with the Bedouin in Jordan, new-routing in Vietnam plus ice-climbing and desert rock in the USA & the Cedarberg in South Africa, sea-cliff climbing in the Outer Hebrides and a Big Wall Climbing expedition in Canada's North West Territories. (Sound recordist & 2nd camera)

‘Arctic Challenge – Adventure Race’

Four 30 min. programmes following the Scottish team through their selection, training and finally on a five day race across the mountains of East Greenland.  BBC Scotland.  (Cameraman, Sound & Assistant Editor)