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In action

Camera position suspended on the arete of TsunamiLeo Houlding and Andy Cave climb the TsunamiClimbing and adventure camerawork requires meticulous planning plus a lot of specialist equipment. The ability to operate safely is paramount. Staff at adventurecamera are highly experienced and have worked throughout the world in some very exacting and interesting positions ; dangling from cliffs over 1500ft high in Arctic Norway or being suspended in mid-air to get that look-in at 'Tsunami' or Tidal Wave in the Czech Rep.......

We also have excellent relationships with some of the top safety advisors and rigging teams. Click the links bar for further details.


Relationships between technical crew and rigging team are vital within a safety framework. An experienced team that understands production-techniques and requirements, who have the ability to explore the potential of a climbing situation go a long way in turning a tenuous filming situation into one with a successful outcome.

Embarking on an adventure is one thing, capturing it is another. We try to remain flexible in our approach, less rigid with our expectations, and in-tune with the varying parameters in which we operate. Constant re-evaluation of a situation and its direction means that we’re in the right place at the right time (hopefully).

The ability to remain relaxed in some of the world’s most uncompromising corners means that we can remain focused on getting the pictures and sound that count. Operating effectively in a wilderness location is dependant on many things; self reliance and good team-play, a high degree of motivation, good organisational skills, experience and a will to explore personal limits.