Filmmaking from concept to delivery, can be a complex process but by homing in on the story, the main event or the messages to be communicated the art of putting a film together can be streamlined and made highly cost effective. Given the extensive editorial, production and technical knowledge if you’re looking for a production to sit on any platform we can help.

Our most recent major film project was the International Award Winning feature length documentary on the life of the mountaineer Sir Chris Bonington shot and produced by Keith Partridge and Brian Hall. The film had its World Premiere at the prestigious Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival and picked up the award for best Mountaineering Film at the Bilbao International Film Festival 2018.

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Film project clients include ;

Windward School, New York

The Windward Way – A 20 minute film examining the impact of language based learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia). This film was recently screened to the First Lady of France during a visit and is now helping to steer French education in their teaching methods.


This sustainable journey through the rarely visited mountains of the Mercantour and Alpi Marittime National Parks that span the French / Italian border was documented for Europarc Federation in five languages. It featured local accommodation providers, local producers and restaurants as we hiked and biked through a forgotten landscape close to the French Riviera.

This film has now notched up 3 international tourism awards.


A 10 minute film plus a series of social media posts leading up to the launch of the feature documentary Bonington : Mountaineer

Mountain Equipment

50 Years in the Mountains  – a fast moving film to celebrate the brand’s history at the cutting edge of mountaineering.

MovementWise – Experts in Health & Human Performance

A series of 12 films highlighting health issues and a return to form form injury for top athletes

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Cairngorm Outdoor Access Trust

A series of short stories