Blue Peter

Blue Peter, the BBC’s flagship children’s show loves to set their presenters a challenge. Having trained for a matter of weeks not years Radzi got the surprise of his life as we crested a ridge in the cable car to reveal the world’s biggest man made climbing wall.

In a sea of concrete we recced, rigged and climbed the Diga Di Luzzone and its 650 bolt on holds. Five pitches of 35m saw us over the handrail at the top of the hydro-electric dam. It was first order gut-wrenching exposure and overhanging for the top half. It was like climbing the inside of a gold-fish bowl.

Landrover Commercial

With a small but highly experienced team including wingman of old, Cubby, assembled at the Screaming Geo cliffs on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis we set about shooting Dave MacLeod taking a huge whipper of a fall with the sub-text being – ‘Try and try again. Eventually you will succeed’.

Aftershock: The Hunt for Gravitational Waves

Our first attempt at reaching Antarctica was aborted. We’d flown for 9 hours just to end up back in Christchurch, New Zealand. Eventually we made it as far as McMurdo before flying on to the South Pole. The first day of filming saw temperatures down to minus 54 with the windchill but the search for the aftershock of the Big Bang went on – a rippling effect that emanated a trillionth of a trilionth of a trillionth of a second after the creation of the universe. Ground-breaking science and a dream come true to see Antarctica and the South Pole.