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'The Adventure Game – A Cameraman's Tales From Films At The Edge'


Tailored presentations featuring aspects of team play, leadership, motivation, experience learning and the exploration of limits within personal development.   Oh, and a generous dollop of humour.............................

‘Edge Of The Seat Stuff’


‘In your face adventure ’

'sweaty palmed, jaw-dropped, totally absorbed attention'



Keith Partridge’s ‘office’ is as unusual as his commute.  As one of the country’s most experienced adventure cameramen his journey to work may well kick-off with a heart-stopping abseil through vertical jungle, a helicopter winch-line onto an icy mile-high mountain face or a close encounter with some of the world’s most iconic wildlife.  With camera in hand he has made the most challenging, spectacular and remote places on the planet his ‘office’ during his freelance career working for the major broadcasting companies including the BBC, Discovery and Channel 4.

This sideways look at the ‘extreme’ will take us on a journey through a variety of projects and extraordinary locations with stories from behind the scenes.  In this ‘how did they do that’ presentation we’ll examine just what it takes to capture the essence of adventure from some of the most outrageous situations and camera positions imaginable.  This presentation carries a health warning to all those of nervous disposition and sufferers of vertigo.


Previous clients include;


KRAFT Foods European Marketing

Aesulapean Society of Surgeons

Royal Geographical Society - PPUK

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Tampere University - Finland

Mindtrek International Conference (keynote address)

University of Helsinki

Pelicam Environmental Film Festival

Royal Bank Of Scotland - Corporate Banking Division

Town And Country Planning Summer School

BBC National Training Centre

Big Screen Premiere of 'Beckoning Silence'

The International Explorers Festival – Poland 

Insight Out - Digital Film Production - Berlin  (x 3 years)

Rotary International - National Conference

Dundee Mountain Film Festival

RAF Mountain Rescue, Lomond Rescue

Largs Marina

The Film Academy as part of the Kendal Mountain Film Festival


Royal Television Society

The Tyneside Cinema




Capturing the essence of adventure in over 60 extreme films has taken cameraman and film-maker Keith Partridge to some of the worlds most hostile and spectacular environments.  From the Eiger’s North Face, the Arctic and Alaska to the white-water caves of Papua New Guinea Keith has been pushing the limits of extreme filming for television and cinema.  Productions have notched up over twenty international film awards and two British Academy awards. In 2004 Keith was presented with the International Explorers Festival ‘Camera Extreme’ Award for his work on series’ such as the multi award winning ‘Wild Climbs’ for the BBC and on the documentary feature film of Joe Simpson’s ‘Touching the Void’. In 2012 he fulfilled an 88 year old Olympic pledge alongside mountaineer Kenton Cool by delivering an Olympic Gold medal to the summit of Mount Everest and subsequently was an Olympic Torch Bearer in London.  In the same year he was awarded an EMMY for Outstanding Cinematography for the BBC's Human Planet series.

His personal journey has been a committed one.  Winter 1990 saw Keith Partridge leave his job as a cameraman and sound-recordist with the BBC after six years of service.  Three weeks later, with climbing suspended in a torrent of spindrift, he was holed up in a snow-cave contemplating his future.  His strategy had been a high risk one, involving the sale of everything he owned, everything that is except his climbing kit.  As another bitter storm swept across Iceland’s Vatnajokull icecap, fuelling his passion for wild places, the marriage of adventure and film-making was an obvious course.

His background has enabled him to develop shooting techniques that have catapulted the viewer to the steepest of rock faces, the most challenging of ice and the remotest of locations where strong team work, extreme levels of motivation and dynamic leadership are vital for success.  At the forefront of extreme film-making, his work has been shown on the BBC, Discovery, Channel 4, ITV, National Geographic, Pathe Films and 20th Century Fox.   His written articles have appeared in many of the UK’s climbing and outdoor magazines.

Born in the prairie-like East of England he is now based in Scotland where he lives with his wife Andrea and children Jamie and Erin.  Having spent over twenty years climbing, trekking, biking and shooting film all over the world he still finds it strange just where a lad born in the flattest part of the UK can find himself hanging out – camera in hand of course.