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  • My Life: A Greenland Adventure
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    My Life: A Greenland Adventure
    An adventure to create lasting visual memories for a boy who is going blind.
  • Aftershock: The Hunt for Gravitational Waves
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    Aftershock: The Hunt for Gravitational Waves
    Ground-breaking science and a dream come true to see Antarctica and the South Pole.
  • Landrover Commercial
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    Landrover Commercial
    Try and try again. Eventually you will succeed
  • Blue Peter
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    Blue Peter
    Having trained for a matter of weeks not years Radzi got the surprise of his life as we crested a ridge in the cable car to reveal the world’s biggest man made climbing wall.
  • The Human Planet
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    The Human Planet
    The BBC series - 'Human Planet' series was 'four years in the making' and took me to a toxic fume filled active volcano in Indonesia complete with the world's largest acid lake, the forests of Papua New Guinea to hunt and eat fruit bats and to Arctic Greenland in winter.  Other stories include the perceives gatherers on the coat of Galicia and a fabulous story in Western Mongolia to hunt with golden eagles.  Every story we've covered is utterly incredible, jaw-dropping and dramatic.
  • Steve Backshall's Extreme Mountain Challenge BBC2
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    Steve Backshall's Extreme Mountain Challenge BBC2
    Steve and the team head to Canaima National Park in Venezuela for a full on adventure. Following a multi-day big-wall climb on Amorai Tepuis that ended when we are hit by a tropical storm and loose rock we then head deep underground. An unexplored section had us slithering through a 30cm high slot with loose slabs of rock above us. Finally we abseil beside the tallest waterfall on the planet - The Angel Falls.
  • One Strange Rock - Angel Falls
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    One Strange Rock - Angel Falls
    It's back to the Angel Falls in Venezuela to shoot a climbing sequence with Ivan Calderon and Federico Pissani for a National Geographic / Nutopia production.    
  • Mountains
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    This BBC NHU series sets out to examine the wildlife and some human stories of three great mountain ranges in the world - The Rockies, The Himalaya and the Andes. Climbing on camera once again were Ivan Calderon and Federico Pissani. Our objective - the Sphinx  one of the biggest granite-walls in the Peruvian Andes rising a sheer 850 metres and topping out at a lofty 5400m it was never going to be easy or technically straightforward to rig and film.
  • Energy - Chernobyl
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    Energy - Chernobyl
    Discovery Channel / Vision House, Warsaw.  Chernobyl, the evacuated town of Pripyat in Ukraine and very special access deep within the decommissioned reactor 'Chernobyl 3'. was eeerie to say the least - shoes, broken plates, furniture and an open book were just a few of the things left behind during the mass evacuation of some 47,000 people following the explosion and fire in Chernobyl 4 in 1986. the scale of decay is truly haunting...but life does go on - 5000 people work on the 'Zone'. Security is tight - the military controlled 'Zone' and multiple checkpoints, steel turnstiles and body scans are all for the good. We enter the long gold-coloured anodised aluminium clad corridors with ceramic tiled floors, stair-wells with plastic / resin steps lead to a small chamber - at the end is the heaviest door I've ever seen - 6 inches of solid steel painted red and, in the centre, a yellow triangle spelling out its warning. Wing-bolts turn easily and the door swings on vast hinges to allow access to the floor of the reactor hall for the decommissioned Chernobyl 3. Time is limited, breathing though the mask is making filming is the Control Room, adorned with arrays of bakelight switch-gear, dozens of dials and a curved desk like Mission Control and Cape Canaveral only it was beyond archaic. I couldn't believe that this impossible system could control a nuclear reaction...
  • Lost land Of the Volcano BBC
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    Lost land Of the Volcano BBC
    This 'Lost Land' expedition took us into the wilds of Papua New Guinea and the relatively unexplored Mageni River Cave.  With the cave entrance effective 2/3 of the way up the side wall of a canyon and with our base camp on top of the rain forest plateau - the commute to work meant a heart stopping abseil through vertical jungle and drooling limestone to swing in to the cavern itself. Then as we looked down, out of the mouth of the cave spewed a 100m high waterfall that cascaded to the main river in the bottom of the canyon below.  Once inside, highly technical rope work and some extremely tense movement down unexplored sections of the system had us fuelled on adrenaline.
  • Touching The Void
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    Touching The Void
    This BAFTA award for Best British Film tells the story of Joe Simpson's epic survival following a climbing accident high in the Peruvian Andes. In true docu-drama style this film was shot on Siula Grande itself and in the Alps. As the specialist climbing cameraman on this production we certainly had our fair share of hairy moments as we sought to reconstruct the story in as realistic way as possible. Often we found ourselves working in temperatures as low as minus 20 with a 50 knot wind.
  • Bonington : Mountaineer
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    Bonington : Mountaineer
    Bonington : Mountaineer is an International Award Winning feature length documentary filmed and produced by Keith Partridge and Brian Hall on the life story of one of the world's most successful mountaineers Sir Chris Bonington. Work started in 2014 with the World Premiere being held at the prestigious Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival in Canada in October 2017. The film picked up a major award at the 2018 Bilbao International Film Festival. It is on available for download and on DVD through
  • Shared Vision
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    Shared Vision
    Shared Vision. For the charity Lighthouse, San Francisco ‘Shared Vision – A Journey Beyond Sight’ features Red Szell who suffers from the degenerative eye disease retinitis pigmentosa and is now blind. He’s always had an adventurous streak and in June, 2019 we join him on this inspirational journey to the far NW corner of Scotland. As the first blind climber to reach the top of the iconic Old Man of Hoy and Old Man of Stoer only Am Buachaille remains in the trilogy of these blades of rock that jut from the crashing Atlantic. Just reaching the base will involve a triathlon of sorts, with a mountain bike ride, a steep scramble down the mainland cliff before a swim across the tidal flow to reach the start of the climb. He then has just 4 hours to get up and get off before the tide races in. Red’s story is a journey beyond sight. This film had its Premiere at the prestigious Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival in November 2019.
  • Wall of Shadows
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    Wall of Shadows
    A Sherpa family breaks a taboo and climbs the most holy of mountains to earn money for their son’s education. They accompany a Winter expedition to the East Face of Khumbakarna in a remote corner of Eastern Nepal. This giant wall of rock and ice has never been climbed and probably for good reason. Undeterred, Russian mountaineers Dimitri, Sergei and Polish climber Marcin are willing to try. ‘The Wall of Shadows’ tells the story of an encounter between a young Sherpa boy and an experienced western mountaineer at the foot of the sacred mountain. Will they face the wrath of mountain Gods? (Khumbakarna aka Jannu  7710 m)
  • Expedition With Steve Backshall - Greenland and Oman
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    Expedition With Steve Backshall - Greenland and Oman
    This ground-breaking 10 part series of world firsts saw us sea kayak the world’s biggest fjord, Scoresbysund in Eastern Greenland when we shouldn’t have been able to do so. Climate change and warming temperatures have seen the break-up of the sea-ice happen earlier and earlier with detrimental effects on the wildlife. We then took to skis and headed into the mountains to establish a base-camp before making the first ascent of a peak on the summer solstice. In a complete contrast we then went in search of the Arabian Leopard on the narrow ledges that crossed an overhanging cliff in Oman. In the process we completed the first ever ascent of this wall of crumbling limestone often filming from mid-air in the process. There were another 7x 1 hour episodes in the series. 3x 1 Hour Produced by True To Nature for Dave, BBC2 and Freemantle